Redkite Presenting at NYC Cloud Computing Group

On June 15th, we’ll be presenting with Tom DiVittorio from at the NYC Cloud Computing group meetup. Platform Overview & Enterprise Solution Trend

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Gemini Systems LLC

61 Broadway

New York, NY

See the full details, join the group and rsvp at the NYC Cloud Computing Group page

Session Overview

Join us as we learn from and Redkite, a leading implementation partner, about the power of the platform and the latest trends in solution development for’s enterprise clients.

Tom DiVittorio, Platform Evangelist from will review the features and development capabilities of The discussion will include a real-time demonstration of building an application on the platform.

Redkite’s founders will discuss their experiences delivering solutions to enterprise clients since 2004 and their outlook on how the market is evolving with the product. They will also provide a demo of some of their products that have been developed on the platform to meet the needs of their clients.

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