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This month our Redhot App is Round Robin Record Assignment. Round Robin Record Assignment is perfect for any Organization using Queues who want to distribute records to multiple users in short order. A call center with a large amount of Leads or Cases is a perfect candidate. With the holidays quickly approaching, give your organization a free gift from Labs!

What is Round Robin Record Assignment?

Rather than selecting Leads or Cases from a queue and accepting ownership, organizations using Round Robin Assignment Groups can have the records automatically assigned to specified users as soon as the record enters a Queue. For example, if 100 Leads enter via an integration, and there are 10 active salespeople in the organization, the application will randomly assign ownership of those 100 Leads to each of the 10 users in real time.

What’s Cool about Round Robin Record Assignment?

Call centers who deal with a high volume of incoming records and don’t have the time to assign ownership can use this tool to enhance productivity. It also helps prevent users from wasting time and trying to take ownership of the same record at the same time. It is easy to implement and install, and just as easy to configure. It is configured using clicks and not code, so business admins can configure it on the fly. Further, using configuration such as workflows and validation rules, the application can be customized to specific needs and requirements.

How does Round Robin Assignment Work?

There are two parts to the Assignment Groups configuration.
When the Application is installed into the org, a checkbox is created on each user record. This will denote whether or not the User is active or not. An active Assignment Group user means records entering the specified Queue can be assigned to them.

The Application also installs three custom objects, the Assignment Groups, Group Members, and AG-Queue. Using these Custom objects and the Checkbox on the User record, you can specify an existing Queue, the object of incoming records (Cases, Leads, etc), and the Users who are part of the Assignment Group. For users to be eligible for record assignment, they must not only have the checkbox set to TRUE on their User record, but they must also be an Assignment Group Member.

Why Redkite Likes Round Robin Record Assignment?

Redkite likes being able to find a quick and easy solution for a common business requirement that isn’t possible with out of the box The ability for business admins to administer the settings and configuration, as well as the ability to further customize the product allows us to concentrate on other customer needs within

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