What’s News in the Cloud? Salesforce Touch, Social election strategies, and how IT teams are adapting to the cloud

What’s New(s) In The Cloud?

Here are some of Redkite’s favorite Salesforce.com and Cloud related tweets this month!

How mobile is your organization? With Salesforce Touch for iPad now available information is faster and it’s easier to stay connected.

As the 2012 ends our future is promising. Cloud computing and mobility are helping companies grow and continue to influence decisions.

An interesting conversation about how IT teams are responding and adapting to cloud computing.

Great communication skills, passionate about technology, flexible. These are just a few qualities of a good CRM Administrator. How do your skills match up? If you’re looking for a CRM Administrator, what qualities are a must for your organization?

No matter how you voted this year America, one thing that we can all agree on is that how we communicate is changing. Check out the different technical strategies the candidates used to send their message.

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