Call Sheet + List Builder

The Redkite CallSheet gives you an easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful, way to build and work call sheets in Salesforce.


Coming soon! Custom versions available today.

Make Calls, Not Clicks Work your call list in one page.

• Call the right people…
• Call them faster…
• Get the metrics you need…



the power of

• Generate call sheets quickly and easily from standard Account and Contact list views
• View recent calls
• Personalize: Re-order / Re-size / Hide / Show columns easily
• Bulk actions — e.g. log calls or set the status for blocks of contacts in one click
• Work quickly: Optimized for quick call logging, sorting, paging and filtering.
• Send updates to chatter with one click
• Filter on any column (similar to Excel’s Auto Filter)
• Integrate with the Salesforce Softphone for click-to-dial integration
• Log calls without leaving the page
• Sort or group by any column
• Dynamic free-text search
• Export to Excel

Available soon on the Salesforce AppExchange. Get in touch to learn more about a custom version tailored specifically to your company’s needs (available now).

custom options

• Custom layouts
• Custom actions
• Custom actions
• Custom objects
• Custom telephony integration (e.g. blast voicemail)
• Inline editing
• Custom integrations (e.g. twitter, yammer etc.)