Use Redkite to implement your complete project — we provide full end-to-end delivery services:


program governance

Redkite has delivery professionals with years of experience managing the implementaiton of on-demand solutions.

solution design

Redkite applies the same rigorous design standards whether you are implementing a standalone CRM solution for a 10 person business unit, or a highly-integrated desktop portal for a global organization with thousands of users.

data migration

Good data is the key to any large-scale implementation. We are experts in reviewing legacy data sources, and designing the best strategy for cleansing, mapping and migrating your data.

usability engineering

We believe that the user experience of an application can make or break its success. The secret to user satisfaction and adoption, and therefore greater return on your investment, is to build usability into the design throughout all phases of the project.


We have seasoned developers skilled in the latest technologies, with particular focus on the platform, HTML5 and mobile.

user adoption

Redkite can help you measure if your solution is delivering for your users, understand what is working and what is not, and design a plan for maximizing user adoption.

training & on-boarding

From your program’s inception, we establish Training and On-boarding plans to maximize user adoption and ensure your roll-out is a success.

application & data

Most successful cloud implementations are hybrid solutions. We design and implement solutions that integrate with your existing applications at the data, process and user-interface levels for a seamless user experience.